Knuckleball Twins

Knuckleball Twins

Today the Jellyfish class were inspired by Youtubers and football coaches ‘The Knuckleball Twins’.

The Knuckleball Twins gained their name for perfecting a certain footballing technique. From this, they have been around the world coaching professionals this exact technique!

The twins were and still are inspired by fellow Youtubers and professional footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

First of all the Jellyfish Class learnt about The Knuckleball Twins’ story; they then engaged in a ‘who inspires you?’ workshop and finally took part in a practical coaching session.






Ancient Egyptian Jobs

Ancient Egyptian Jobs

Today the Jellyfish Class were learning all about Ancient Egyptian jobs and their roles. Children were surprised to discover that many of the jobs back then are still necessary today!

First of all, children researched the different Ancient Egyptian jobs and understood their roles. They then worked in groups of four to create their very own Ancient Egypt documentary about their day to day jobs.

Children had excellent fun acting and filming!






Science Week – Ferocious Feeders

Science Week – Ferocious Feeders

As part of our Science Week, we were treated to a workshop by Wiggly Wild Show. We chose the ‘Ferocious Feeders’ workshop.

We were introduced to a range of animals including herbivores, omnivores and carnivores – we even got to hold some of them! Although many of us were scared of some of the creatures, some of us couldn’t wait to hold them! For each animal we learnt many facts about understood their livelihood.






Kent Music Roadshow – To Jupiter and Beyond!

Kent Music Roadshow – To Jupiter and Beyond!

Children were introduced to the different sections of an orchestra: string, brass, woodwind and percussion.

Children understood the roots of where each type of instrument comes from and how they’ve developed into the modern day instrument.

The guys then performed a range of orchestral music including: Oliver, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Wizard of Oz and Grease!

Finally, the whole school participated in a song!



European Languages Day

European Languages Day

The Jellyfish Class celebrated European Languages Day by engaging in a range of activities.

As part of our maths learning, children learnt about the French numbers and then applied their learning by playing a game of dominoes and flash cards with French numbers – it was excellent fun!

We then continued our learning into the afternoon where there were four stations set up: Italy where children learnt about Italian food and created a pizza; France where children learnt phrases; Spain where children learnt the colours and Germany where children learnt how to play rock, paper, scissors!