Blogging Guide

In order to have a happy and safe blogging experience, it is important that we all follow some simple ‘Blogging’ guidelines.

These are our guidelines for blogging...

  • We  only post positive comments about each other’s learning.
  • Children’s names will not be included on photos or information posted.
  • Posts will not include any personal information about the children.
  • Parents and family members are also asked NOT to use children’s names when leaving comments, so that children can not identified.
  • Your comment will not appear straight away, as all comments and posts have to be approved before they are published onto the site.
  • All children must have permission from their Parents / Carer to have their photo published on the site. This information is included on the internet/website permission slips sent home at the beginning of the academic year.

If you have any queries about blogging, please speak to Miss Woodman.

Happy Blogging

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