Victorian Classroom

Victorian Classroom

This afternoon, children in the Jellyfish Class were taken back in time to the Victorian era and what a shock they had in store!

Children were hosted by a very strict teacher only known as ‘Sir’. He raised his voice a lot and didn’t allow any talking at all.

Sir introduced children to Victorian classrooms and taught them the strict rules Victorian children had to follow. The Jellyfish Class also learnt about the learning styles and punishment methods!

After asking children to summarise their experience, there were some interesting responses:
‘It was unfair and I didn’t like it!’
‘Very strange as teachers treat us very differently today!’
‘It was hard because I had to write right handed.’
‘It was difficult to follow all the rules.’
‘It was cruel and embarrassing.’
‘Fun because we learnt new things and got some extra maths.’
‘Sir was really scary!’

At the end of the session, we tasted different Victorian food which children from the class baked. They were delicious!

Let’s hope ‘Sir’ doesn’t visit us again any time soon!




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