Victorian Classroom

Victorian Classroom

This afternoon, children in the Jellyfish Class were taken back in time to the Victorian era and what a shock they had in store!

Children were hosted by a very strict teacher only known as ‘Sir’. He raised his voice a lot and didn’t allow any talking at all.

Sir introduced children to Victorian classrooms and taught them the strict rules Victorian children had to follow. The Jellyfish Class also learnt about the learning styles and punishment methods!

After asking children to summarise their experience, there were some interesting responses:
‘It was unfair and I didn’t like it!’
‘Very strange as teachers treat us very differently today!’
‘It was hard because I had to write right handed.’
‘It was difficult to follow all the rules.’
‘It was cruel and embarrassing.’
‘Fun because we learnt new things and got some extra maths.’
‘Sir was really scary!’

At the end of the session, we tasted different Victorian food which children from the class baked. They were delicious!

Let’s hope ‘Sir’ doesn’t visit us again any time soon!






A truly brilliant morning had by all at Littlestone Golf Club. The weather was wonderful as was the attitude and enthusiasm of the Jellyfish Class.

Children experienced a range of mini golf activities including putting, chipping and then combining the two of them. Excellent teamwork skills were on show throughout the morning and it really was a joy to see all children engaged and having fun!

One of Seabrook’s teams achieved third place and received a bronze medal each!






Olympic Roadshow

Olympic Roadshow

Years 3, 4 and 5 participated in an array of Olympic sports such as hockey, football, tennis and running.

Children were put into teams and were given a country to represent, which were: Brazil, Jamaica, Japan and Great Britain.

It was great to see the children thoroughly enjoy trying a range of sports and competing in them.

There were also two prizes handed out to the people who showed excellent effort, teamwork and perseverance – particularly well done to them!







Now that the new computing system is up and running it was a joy to teach computing and the children loved it!

Thanks to the website,, children really engaged in the coding activity where they made their own version of ‘Flappy Bird’. They were then able to play against one another to see what score they could each get. is a fantastic website to teach children coding, programming and designing. It’s free to use and is very user friendly so why not give it a go at home!



Author Visit – Briony Dixon

Author Visit – Briony Dixon

Due to the weather during Book Week, Briony was unable to come into school at that time, but fortunately she’s been with us all day today!

After a whole school assembly where Briony shared her story, the Jellyfish Class had a workshop hosted by the author. Briony’s story, Sleuths, Snoops and Surprises, is all about sleuths, snoops and surprises! Children were tasked to create a gadget for the character in the book. There were some very creative designs!




Francesco’s Fraction Cafe!

Francesco’s Fraction Cafe!

The Jellyfish Class were introduced to Francesco from Italy and were welcomed into his Fraction Café!

Through his love of food of cakes, flapjack, pizzas, apples and crackers, children learnt all about fractions. The main purpose of the learning was for children to get hands on with fractions whilst beginning to learn about halves, quarters, tenths, equivalent fractions, adding fractions and identifying missing fractions.

Children were then able to understand why he was such an accomplished chef as they were able to try all of his food!

Let’s hope he comes and visits us again sometime soon!

Where My Wellies Take Me – Scrapbook Sharing

Where My Wellies Take Me – Scrapbook Sharing

Over the last three weeks, the children in the Jellyfish Class have been working incredibly hard on creating their very own scrapbooks. These scrapbooks have been based on their recent local journey when they brought their Wellies in.

After finally completing their scrapbooks, parents, carers and all family members were invited into school to share them with the children.

There was an excellent response from parents and careers so thank you very much for your support. It was marvellous witnessing the smiles on everyone’s faces and the joy in everyone’s voices.







Easter Reflection Workshop

Easter Reflection Workshop

The children engaged in a range of reflective activities to help them understand the Easter story in further detail.

Each station focused on a different section of the Easter story: The Cross Of Forgiveness, The Garden of Gethsemane and The Weight Jesus Carried. There was a further reflection station, which allowed the children to focus on their mind in a peaceful manner.

Have a cracking Easter break everyone and I look forward to more excellent learning in term five!


Story Sharing @ Saint Martin’s Primary School

Story Sharing @ Saint Martin’s Primary School

As part of Book Week a couple of weeks ago, each year group in each school created a ‘fantastic creature’ to be shared with the same year group in the other school. The whole idea was to inspire creative writing across both schools.

Today, Seabrook walked up to St Martin’s School to share their stories with one another. This was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with peers in a different school and to share their wonderful and creative writing with each other.