European Languages Day

European Languages Day

The Jellyfish Class celebrated European Languages Day by engaging in a range of activities.

As part of our maths learning, children learnt about the French numbers and then applied their learning by playing a game of dominoes and flash cards with French numbers – it was excellent fun!

We then continued our learning into the afternoon where there were four stations set up: Italy where children learnt about Italian food and created a pizza; France where children learnt phrases; Spain where children learnt the colours and Germany where children learnt how to play rock, paper, scissors!




Hot Seating

Hot Seating

Today in English the Jellyfish Class were continuing their learning of the story ‘The Prince of Egypt’.

To help understand the characters from the story, children were hot seated to encourage them to think of how the character may respond in a certain way and why they did certain things. Children really did get into character well and put on some superb character voices.





For term 1 and 2 the Jellyfish Class will be learning tennis as part of their P.E. curriculum.

Children learnt about the tennis stance and were improving their hand-eye coordination with a couple of drills for a warm up. Following on from their forehand learning last week, children have been beginning to learn how to backhand. It was good to see children applying their skills from the week before to support them with today’s learning.

They’ll be tennis experts in no time!






Joe Wicks – Getting Schools Active Day 3

Joe Wicks – Getting Schools Active Day 3

We’ve been absolutely loving it at Seabrook School!

Every single child and adult joined in and there were some rather tired and sweaty children (and adults)!

There are two more days left of the scheme at school but it would be great if you continued the exercise at home. Joe Wicks’ workouts are free for all and can be accessed via his YouTube Channel (The Body Coach).

Good luck!





Joe Wicks – Getting Schools Active

Joe Wicks – Getting Schools Active

Seabrook are taking part in Joe Wicks’ scheme to get children in school active. The idea is that one million children get involved throughout the week!

Children engaged in a HIIT (high intensity impact training) for twenty-minutes and will continue to do so everyday for the whole week.

Children really enjoyed themselves but were rather exhausted by the end – roll on tomorrow’s session!


Shane Record

Shane Record

What a treat we had on the first day back!

Shane Record is a local artist and painter. He came into Seabrook School and painted a huge canvas of the Folkestone Harbour. This was all whilst we were watching and asking many interesting questions.

What a talent this man has. Don’t forget to pop into his gallery down the Old High Street in Folkestone.




Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

A huge welcome back to all. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
The Jellyfish Class have had a wonderful and eventful day at school. Children have shared their holidays with one another; met Shane Record (a local artist) and have been learning about Seabrook’s core Christian values and the parables that relate to them.

We just about had enough time to remember our class song right at the end!

Anglo-Saxon Weapons

Anglo-Saxon Weapons

Today the Jellyfish Class learnt about Anglo-Saxon weapons and their uses. Children understood that many of the weapons had several uses; to be used as tools and also as weapons of war.

In groups children then chose, designed and created their version of an Anglo-Saxon weapon.

After creating their weapon, children then watched a clip of Dragons Den and were understanding persuasive techniques. As a small group, children pitched their weapon to the Dragons!