Please find some suggested questions below to help support and challenge your child’s reading at home.

What is the title?

Why do you think the author use this title?

What might the text be about?

Which word is used to describe the …..?

Can you identify an adjective that describes …..?

How has the author created suspense?

What are the names of the main characters?

What sort of person is ….?

Can you identify where the character changes his thoughts?

Can you describe the story so far?

When did this happen ….?

What is the main event of the story?

What information are we told about in the first paragraph?

Can you identify what is fact and what is opinion?

What do you think will happen next?

What does this word mean ….?

Can you think of another word for ….?

What sort of person is ….? What makes you think this?

How do you know this character was feeling ….? Find two pieces of evidence.

Why do you think this character did / said ….?

What does this tell you about ….?

What does this description reveal about the character?

What choice would you have made and why?

Can you put the following events in order?

What three facts tell you that ….?

In what ways are these texts similar / different?

Use the text to explain ….?

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