Eco Guardians – The 12Rs for our planet

Eco Guardians – The 12Rs for our planet


The Eco Guardians would like to share some information with you that they presented to the whole school in a special worship last week…

Please watch this short video to understand why our message is so important.

My wish for you

Like Grandad in the film we all wish for a world with clean air, soil and water for everyone.

We also wish for a fair world with plenty for all.

However, everything we buy or use has a cost to our environment because all resources come from our planet.

We would like to invite you to reflect about your actions and the actions of the people around you.

How do they impact on our environment?

What can we all do to help?

Here are the Eco Guardian’s 12 Rs for our planet…


Say NO to things you don’t need!


Reduce food waste by only buying the food you need to eat.
Look at your wardrobe before asking for new clothes and see if you really need them.
Switch off electrical appliances when not using them.
Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth.
Reduce use of petrol by walking, cycling or sharing rides.


What is the impact of your actions?
Do you really need to use disposable things?
Is your family taking recycling seriously?
Can you choose to use things that don’t harm the environment?


If you see things that are wrong, what can you do?
How can you make a difference?
Could you write letters?
Who could you speak to?


Respect all that we have: nature, animals, air, soil, water.
Think about the people who work to produce cheap products that we might keep for a short time and throw in the bin.
Some of it can’t be recycled.


Am I doing all I can?
Is there anything else I can do to reduce my carbon footprint?


Re-use plastic bags, plastic cups and plates when you can.
Re-use scrap paper.

You can always use both sides of a sheet of paper to draw on!


Refill your printer cartridge; refill your disposable cup, etc.


Recharge your batteries instead of buying non-rechargeable ones.


When something is broken, see if you can mend it instead of throwing it away!
If it can’t be mended, see if you can find a new use for it!
Give unwanted items to charity!


Make sure that all left over food goes in the composting bin as it turns into soil full of nutrients.


Learn how to separate items in the right recycling bins at home and at school.
Recycling creates less pollution than starting from scratch.
For example, if we recycle old bottles we can cut pollution by a fifth and halve the demand for water!
Did you know that you can make fleeces and shoelaces from old plastic bottles, and that all newspapers are today printed on recycled paper?


Recycling Art day

To reflect about recycling and enjoy creating things out of waste material, we are going to have a recycled art day on 5thJanuary 2018.

Parents and carers are invited to come in at 3 o’clock to visit the classes and see the wonderful art work that the children have created.


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